Traditional Dentures


Dentures are specially designed to fit seamlessly into your mouth, replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile.

Traditional dentures (also known as complete dentures or full dentures) are an ideal option for people who are missing many teeth throughout their mouth. Dentures are strong, durable and natural-looking. The dentures process begins with detailed measurements and an impression of your teeth and jaw. After removing the remaining teeth, the dentist designs a custom-made denture that will fit comfortably in the mouth once it heals.

Quick Facts:

  • Dental innovations have come a long way—these aren’t your grandparents’ dentures.
  • First-time denture wearers will have an immediate denture or temporary teeth that can be worn during the healing period.
  • Dentures improve speech function, chewing and overall appearance by supporting facial muscles.
  • Garden Home dental also offers partial dentures for those who have multiple healthy teeth remaining that are strong enough to anchor a partial denture.
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