Why X-rays? Do they do more Harm than Good?

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We get this question almost every day from our patients.  Why do I need dental radiographs? Patients have many concerns when it comes to dental radiographs (x-rays).  The most common concern is the exposure to radiation and the long term effects of that radiation over time.  Other concerns are cost and comfort.   Here at Garden Home Dental we understand all of those concerns and want you to know why dental radiographs are so important and why it’s worth all the hassle.

First of all, radiographs are important because without them we as dental professionals have our hands tied behind our back.  A majority of the dental disease that we diagnose comes from dental radiographs.  Without them we can’t see things like cavities, bone loss, infections, pathology, calculus deposits, etc.  We rely on radiographs to help us understand you as patient better.  The truth is that dental radiographs are one of the most important tools we have in being able to treat our patients effectively.

One of the most common concerns or hesitations is the radiation you receive with dental radiographs.  This is a valid concern but the good news is that it is very minimal. In fact, its significantly less than what most people receive from the natural environment every year.  At Garden Home Dental we use digital sensors when taking x-rays. Digital sensors have many advantages but the main advantage to the patient is that they use less radiation than their conventional counterparts to get the same image.  That’s right!  Technology isn’t always bad.

The bottom line is that the benefit of taking radiographs greatly outweigh the risks of taking radiographs.  You can be assured that here at Garden Home Dental we would never recommend anything that wasn’t in the best interest of your overall health.  Please visit the American Dental Association to get more information on dental radiographs.  We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!