Tooth Whitening

tooth whitening procedure

Our custom-made whitening trays are an easy way to brighten your smile at home.

For pearly whites that aren’t, Garden Home Dental offers a simple tooth whitening solution: take-home whitening trays! Thanks to genetics, tobacco, and certain foods and beverages, adult teeth often lose their sparkle. The whitening trays, which are created to custom fit each mouth, have a specialized whitening solution. Wear the tray for 30 minutes per day for 10-14 days and watch yellowing, dark spots and stains disappear.

Quick Facts:

  • White teeth help promote a youthful appearance.
  • After the initial whitening, periodic touchups help keep the desired shade of white.
  • Brief cold sensitivity is one of the most common side effects, but it is easily treated with sensitive formula toothpastes before and after treatment.
  • Garden Home Dental also offers cleanings, fluoride treatments and other standard procedures to help maintain the brightest possible smile.
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